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May 18, 2024 Post #1

Wow MA 3 has been in development for 2 years now! It's taken a lot longer than expected, but thank you for being patient! We are still chipping away at the game every day, we never left.

May 2, 2024 Post #1

Alright, um, it's been 3 more months... I guess I didn't really have much to say about ma 3 since we've just been doing bugfixes for a while... But anyways, while we were making the full release, we found that the game uses up a lot of memory, and you can't even play through the game without it crashing. This does also happen in demo 6 (and probably 4 and 5 and probably even earlier) but we always kinda just assumed it would be fixed when making the game a .html file, but that wasn't the case. So I started trying to optimize the game, but that doesn't really work... It seems that the game itself wasn't causing the crashing but turbowarp (and scratch as well) doesn't delete any assets to memory after they are loaded in. As in, when the game loads a new level, the amount of assets loaded into memory increases a bit, but over time as more and more levels are loaded, the RAM is never actually cleared and the memory usage builds up really quickly (This is an issue with scratch/turbowarp, also confirmed by garbomuffin, creator of turbowarp). Before we assumed that turbowarp does memory management itself but I guess that wasn't the case. So yeah, it's a little bit complicated, but if you have an issue where your scratch game runs out of memory after playing it for a while, don't waste your time trying 50 different things to optimize the game (compressing assets, removing touching color blocks, using less clones, etc.). The first thing you should ACTUALLY try is using forkphorus (here), since it seems to have actual memory management (specifically, try the zip version on the forkphhorus packager, that's what worked for me). So I hope that helps, if any game devs are actually reading this. But anyway, if you didn't understand any of that, it's okay. TLDR is that the game kept running out of memory, and I was trying figure out how to fix it for over a month (The fact that there's a HUGE lack of documentation on this topic, despite the fact that a lot of people are complaining about it, including griffpatch apparently, doesn't help either.) And I finally found a fix for it, using a new platform called forkphorus. We will have to sacrifice a couple features that were exclusive to turbowarp, but those are pretty minor. Also, we need to optimize the game a bit so it will actually work on fp (forkphorus), but just some minor changes (specifically removing some touching color blocks, if you're also trying to make a game). Alright, so also another thing I probably should mention is that the last two posts on the Meowie Games website are kinda inaccurate. So firstly, the most recent post (about multiplayer, posted on April 25), so multiplayer might be removed, but it's hard to say, since we haven't done much research yet. Next, the second most recent post (it's about chromium/firefox, posted on February 14). Yeah, using chromium doesn't fix the memory issue (obviously considering everything I just said), although firefox doesn't seem to run MA 3 very well, so I wouldn't recommend it (although we need to do more research about that). So yeah, sorry that that ended up being VERY long, but I think said everything that was important. Yeah, writing this post took a really long time. Since we now know how to make the game not crash, I would expect the game to come out in May. I know I've said that it was going to come out in March a while ago, and February before that, and January before that, but this time I'm actually pretty confident in this release date, since we've basically worked out pretty much all of the issues now, so stay tuned! Anyways, yeah, I have been writing this for like an hour now lmao this took so long. alright bye!

February 11, 2024 Post #1

Hey guys, I just forgot to make new development updates for like a month sorry. But after that last post, development was kind of rough for a few weeks, and we didn't exactly... Do that much. However, recently, the cutscenes were finally finished! This means the game is now in prerelease stage 3. We're nearing the end now.

January 14, 2024 Post #1

Hello everyone! Meowzie's Adventure 3 is now in prerelease stage 2! It has been for around a week, actually, I just forgot to post about it. We just need to bugfix and polish the game and finish the cutscenes. Hopefully I'll make a development update soon.

January 7, 2024 Post #1

First post of 2024! If you want to see what projects are coming out this year, check the channel's latest video. Also, the soundtrack video for the full MA series has been released and all of the zones are now revealed. I know that it says that MA 3 will come out on January 19th, but that soundtrack video was made a while ago, and I now think that's kind of unrealistic, so the new goal is February 29th. We probably won't need all of that time but I want to be able to make sure the game is as good as possible before it releases. It would have been cool to release it on the anniversary, but I think there is still quite a bit to do. Bye for now!

December 18, 2023 Post #1

Hello, everyone. I'm done with animating and bugfixing the final boss FOR NOW. There are still some issues, but I think I fixed most of the major ones. I'll be releasing some stuff later today hopefully.

December 15, 2023 Post #1

Meowzie's Adventure 3 is now in prerelease stage 1! The final boss isn't completely finished though. A lot of the animations aren't done and it is EXTREMELY buggy, however, you can now play through the entire thing. The only requirement that we set for prerelease is that you should be able to play through the whole game so it counts. I'm not exactly sure how the different stages will work but I guess we'll just figure it out as we go. Anyway, more progress updates coming soon! Oh also I'll probably release one of those development report things again. Oh yeah also I'll have quite a bit of time to work on the game in the next week since I have winter break. That's it, bye!!!!

December 10, 2023 Post #1

So, I have made quite a bit of progress on the final boss. Yeah, also a preview of the game will be coming out on the Cosmic Comix YouTube channel in about an hour. There also are some other MA 3 related videos planned for the next couple weeks. I also might make tcs s2 e2 if I feel like it.

November 28, 2023 Post #1

The second and third acts of the last zone are now finished! Just the final boss left. After that, the game will go into prerelease, the second-to-last development phase (release candidate is the last). It will probably last around a month or a bit more or less I'm not exactly sure tbh. The first two acts are pretty fluffing hard, but the third act is more chill, and then the last act is the hardest level in the game ofc. Yeah that's about it progress update soon!

November 19, 2023 Post #1

I didn't do that???

November 15, 2023 Post #1

I don't really know what to post for this week's development update. So I made 5 new enemies. One of them is kind of like the fish enemy, another one is invincible, and another one moves in an ellipse-ish shape. Also, the second and third acts in the last two zones will hopefully be finished soon. I'm working on placing all of the enemies currently. I've just finished the ninth zone. That's about it, bye!

November 5, 2023 Post #1

Hey guys, new Meowzie's Adventure development update! So, the paralax scrolling backgrounds for my levels are finished. Also, we MAY release a full OST for the Meowzie's Adventure series soon. Yeah, also the last level is going to be something quite familiar... Oh yeah also Cosmic Comix archives 2 is hopefully coming soon. That's about it bye!

October 30, 2023 Post #2

I just finished changing everything to the new logo yay.

October 30, 2023 Post #1

Um I forgot to post about MA 3 last week so I guess I'll make two posts this week. Meowzie's Adventure 3 October 30 2023 progress report:
Engine: 100%
Level Design: 88%
Art: 100%
Animation: 29%
Music: 100% (kind of?)
Bugfixes and Polish: 55%

Overall: 80%

October 17, 2023 Post #1

A couple things in this update. So firstly, I wanted to mention that the 11th zone DOES have a cool new mechanic. The game is getting closer to completion. I just finished the toys for all zones except the last one, although the ninth zone took a while since it contains like half of the toys in the whole game. Also, every level is getting its own song. Here's a sneek peek with some songs from Hilly Grasslands Zone.

October 9, 2023 Post #1

100 videos on the Cosmic Comix channel!

September 30, 2023 Post #1

The eleventh zone of Meowzie's Adventure 3 is now finished! This means that the game is now 4/5 of the way done! This was the goal in the next few weeks. This also means that I'm done with my zones for the most part.

September 28, 2023 Post #1

Meowzie's Adventure 3 September 28 2023 progress report:
Engine: 100%
Level Design: 88%
Art: 100%
Animation: 29%
Music: 100%
Bugfixes and Polish: 55%

Overall: 79%

September 27, 2023 Post #1

The tenth zone of Meowzie's Adventure 3 is now complete! This was the zone featured in the screenshot from the Meowie Games development update a few days ago.

September 25, 2023 Post #1

Firstly, there is a new post on Meowie Games with updates on Meowzie's Adventure. Check it out here . Also, the goal for Meowzie's Adventure 3 by October 9th 2023 at 11:59 P.M. is 80%, meaning I will finish the rest of my levels in the coming weeks. (I have zones 9, 10, and 11.)

September 23, 2023 Post #1

The ninth zone of MA 3 is now complete, meaning that over three-quarters of the levels are done. (37 out of 48 levels are done, to be specific.) I'll try to post weekly updates for MA 3 until its release.

September 17, 2023 Post #1

Thank you for 30 subscribers on Cosmic Comix! Hour-long video coming today...

September 9, 2023 Post #1

I don't know what happened last night, but my latest video on HamsterKat6421 got almost 50,000 views! On top of that, the channel's subscriber count quadrupled, going from 55 subscribers to 222 subscribers! Also, two people subscribed to Cosmic Comix, meaning we now have 21 subscribers! Thanks for 200 subscribers on HamsterKat6421, and thanks for 20 subscribers on Cosmic Comix!

August 14, 2023 Post #1

Hello, so there were a couple mistakes in yesterday's post. Firstly, I said "level" instead of "levels". I kind of just didn't bother to fix this. Also, I said that the second level of the last zone is done, which is not true, only the first bit is done and even that's unfinished. I've updated the progress accordingly. The overall progress hasn't actually changed, though and it is still above 75%. I might do another progress report soon. Goodbye for now.

August 13, 2023 Post #1

So I posted a progress update to MA 3 a while ago. The eighth zone is now finished and Meowie Gamer has gotten a headstart on the last zone and done the first two level. Development is going pretty smoothly and the game is officially over three-fourths of the way done! (Happy 3rd anniversary to The Cats, by the way! There was a stream a couple days ago.)

August 9, 2023 Post #1

Meowzie's Adventure 3 August 2023 week 2 progress report:
Engine: 100%
Level Design: 67%
Art: 100%
Animation: 21%
Music: 100%
Bugfixes and Polish: 55%

Overall: 74%

August 8, 2023 Post #1

Okay, since there are no more demos for MA 3 I guess I'll just post updates about the game's development here. BIG update today! Good news this time though. So, it's starting to look more likely that the game will be released this year! Not guaranteed, though, and the goal is still June 30th, 2024. The seventh zone is now complete! The first act of the eighth zone is also complete. I want to keep the last six zones of the game as a surprise for the full release, so they will be a secret and their names, music, etc. won't be released until the full release. I'll be posting a progress report, and other MA 3 updates, soon!

July 30, 2023 Post #1

Hello. So, there is some unfortunate news today. We will not be able to finish Meowzie's Adventure 3 this year. The new goal is June 30th, 2024. Thank you for sticking around with us.

July 5, 2023 Post #1

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that Cats Engine 1, and by extension, Meowzie's Adventure 1, officially lost support on July 4th, 2023 at 11:59 P.M. which was a few minutes ago. It will still receive bugfixes and minor tweaks and features, but Meowzie's Adventure 1.9 was the last major update. Goodbye Cats Engine 1 and Happy 2nd anniversary to Meowzie's Adventure's full release!

June 26, 2023 Post #1

New page: The videos page! On the videos page, you can watch the newest videos from Cosmic Comix!

June 21, 2023 Post #1

if the cosmic comix channel ever reaches 100 subscribers i will install linux

June 13, 2023 Post #1:

Hello! This is my first post. Yeah, I know I've been copying the Meowie Games website a lot recently. Sorry about that. To be fair though, he did copy the Cosmic Comix website's code. Anyway, there are a couple things I want to talk about in this post. First, what will be on the posts page? Well, this will mostly be development updates, changes to the website, and releases (such as The Cats episodes, Meowzie's Adventure 3 demos, etc.) This also includes smaller things that I don't think are worthy of a video on the Cosmic Comix channel. The second thing is that I want to talk about the recent updates on the Cosmic Comix website as I have made quite a few changes recently. So firstly, all of the pages now have their own backgrounds! I think this really makes the website more interesting and it also generally looks better. Secondly, I've removed most of the separators on the website. There are still some on The Cats page, but other than that, they're all gone now. I think this makes the website look cleaner, better, and overall less 90s-ish. Thirdly, I've removed two of the pages. I removed the Web OS page because Web OS is basically cancelled and I also removed the contact page because I haven't really updated it since the website's full release and I doubt anybody goes on it anyway. If you really want to visit those pages though, you can visit the Web OS page here and the contact page here . To make up for the loss of pages though, I'll be creating a few new ones over the next month, starting with this one. Lastly, I've moved all of the old and unused pages/files on Cosmic Comix to a new folder called "archive" (another idea I stole from the Meowie Games website), including the removed pages I was just talking about. If you want to access an old file, go to https://cosmic-comix.com/archive/filename.html. This is mostly to make the Cosmic Comix website folder less messy. Anyway, that's about everything I have to say. I hope you enjoy the new backgrounds and goodbye!